Wedding FAQs

How does Thumpin’ select the list of songs it will perform at my wedding reception? May I have any input into the creation of that list? 
By all means, yes. Once you contract Thumpin’ for your reception, we'll ask you to review our repertoire list and select your favorites, your parents' favorites, etc. We'll also omit any songs which you absolutely do not want to hear. 

How long do sets last? Does the band take any breaks? 
During the band’s intermission, our Sound Engineer/DJ keeps the dance floor jumping by playing preproduced dance music at the exact same volume level and tempo as the band.  Basically, there is never any "dead time" on the dance floor. 

These band intermissions are actually a great opportunity to play specialized music which you and your guests may want to hear, but which the  band may not necessarily perform. 

Who from the band will serve as our Master of Ceremony? 
One of Thumpin’s charismatic lead vocalists will gladly serve as your Master of Ceremony for the evening, at no additional charge. At the time of the signing of your contract, simply advise us if you'll need this service and we'll gladly arrange it for you. 

Will Thumpin’ learn special new songs for our event? 

We are always willing to learn new songs for your "First Dance", the "Father/Daughter Dance" and the "Mother/Son Dance". We will gladly learn up to 3 new custom songs for you as long as you provide us the song choices at least six weeks in advance of the wedding date. 

Does Thumpin’ provide music for the Ceremony and Cocktail hour? 
For an additional fee, we can provide acoustic guitar, solo vocalist, or acoustic duet for your ceremony and a 3 or 4-piece jazz combo for your cocktail hour.

How much performance space does Thumpin’ require?  Is a stage required? 
We require an optimum performance space of 20' deep by 24' wide. However, keep in mind that we are flexible (within reason) and will work with you and the venue if you need us to make do with less space. As part of our commitment to you, a member of Thumpin’ will visit your venue and give you our honest opinion regarding the maximum amount of space required for a specific ensemble. 

Furthermore, we do not require a stage for our performance. However, if you'd like us to perform on a stage, then you must assume the cost of providing professional staging and risers, fully-functioning, and in a safe and good condition, per our specifications. 

What are the electric power requirements? 
We will need 2 to 3 dedicated 15-20 amp circuits. Thumpin’ draws approximately 15,000 watts with PA, instruments, and lights. 

How much load-in and setup time does the band require? 
In order to be fully loaded-in, setup and sound-checked by the time your cocktail reception begins, we require 3-4 hours, but there are circumstances when we could reduce this time. Please ask your Thumpin’ contact should you have concerns about this policy. 

What is the dress code for Thumpin’? 
As you travel through our website, you’ll see many photos of the band.  We can be as casual as jeans, semi-formal such as slacks, or if you prefer, we can be dressed in formal attire.  This has to be stated at the time of the contract signing. 

Are we expected to provide food and beverages for the band? 
Meals and continuous nonalcoholic beverage service, i.e., coffee, tea, soft drinks, juices and bottled water, are requested for the band, crew, and technical staff. 

What are your deposit requirements? 
Upon signing of our non-cancelable Production Services Contract, we require a 1000.00 deposit. The balance is due the week of your event (though you may choose to pay your balance before then if you wish). 

Our contract is non-cancelable by either party, except for cases of force majeure, i.e., a major catastrophic event beyond your or our control. 

Please note that when you sign a contract with us, we will not cancel on you for any reason - except in the case of the above mentioned force majeure.  In other words, you have a 100% ironclad guarantee that Thumpin’ will be there for you as promised.  So, once we sign on the dotted line, our company and musicians will turn down any future opportunities for your date. 

What is your policy regarding the reservation of Thumpin’ for a specific date? 
Our policy is first come, first served. For example, let's say you are the first person to ask us to "hold" the band for a particular date for you. We'll place a "courtesy hold" on the date, pending our meeting you in person. If someone else calls regarding this same date, they will have the second "courtesy hold" after you. However, if during the time that we are continuing our discussions with you, client # 2 decides that they want to move forward with us and are ready to give us a deposit, we will contact you and give you 24 hours to make a decision. If you want the date, then we require a signed contract with a deposit within 24 hours. If you don't want the date or are not ready to commit, then - after 24 hours - we will move forward with client # 2. 

Once we've decided to hire Thumpin’, what is our next step? What are the important guideposts leading up to the reception? 
First of all, we will generate a detailed non-cancelable Production Services Contract and snailmail, fax or email it to you. You will have 10-14 days to return it to us signed and with a deposit for 500.00 

Approximately six weeks before your date, we will need your special request songs, e.g., the "First Dance", the "Father/Daughter Dance" and the "Mother/Son Dance". 

About 1 month before your wedding, we will schedule a venue site visit with you and the venue manager. At this meeting, we will discuss your guest demographics, the music flow, your music likes and dislikes, the schedule for the evening, finalize the playlist, etc. 

The night of your event, you will have one of the Thumpin’ band members assigned to coordinate all aspects of the live music with you, the catering company, the Banquet Manager, et al.