How to party with a purpose

It's easy to find opportunities to dance and party, but when we have the chance- it feels so good to help others while we are having a good time.  When you host a party, consider having a donation box set aside for a good cause.  Or you may charge a premium to get into the event and host a party with the charity of your choice.  Many vendors may offer free or discounted prizes in order to support your event or special cause.  Although many bands are not able to discount their services, Thumpin' is committed to giving back to the community and if at all possible, will work with you to provide the best possible music for your event.  Never hesitate to reach out if you are planning a fundraiser, Thumpin' can help!

Be sure to join us at our next community event on October 26 at The Armory in Brighton as we help Almost Home fight homelessness.