How to plan the perfect dance party part II: power

We got the juice. Do you? An important question if you’re planning on live music for your dance party. 

First off, if your event is in a hotel ballroom, convention center, or large reception hall, having adequate power for a live band should not be an issue at all. These venues constantly feature local Denver bands and other types of live music for the many events they host, and most new venues are designed with these needs in mind. 

It’s when your party is outdoors or at a private residence that an adequate supply of electricity may become an issue. Without getting too technical in this space, Thumpin’ requires 2-3 dedicated 15-20 amp circuits to power the full band. Most private residences and outdoor pavilions and the like are not equipped for this kind of power draw.  For these events, you’ll likely need to rent a gas-powered generator. There are lots of vendors in and around Denver that can hook you up with one of these babies, such as our friends at SSS Productions

Here at Thumpin’ headquarters, we like to keep things simple for our clients so that they may focus on other aspects of their gathering. Towards that end, we’ve got a handy FAQ right here that covers power, space, timelines of events….all the little details you may not have thought about (but we got nailed down).