How to plan the perfect dance party part I: space

If you’re considering live music for your event, be it a company holiday party or mountain wedding, having enough space in your venue is key. Not only will you need about 20’ x 24’ to accommodate a large band like Thumpin’ (and all our gear), but you’ll want enough space for a dance floor so your guests can get up and get down. That’s why you chose live music to begin with! 

So, how much space for a dance floor? We always say, the bigger the better, especially if your guest count is in the hundreds. Smaller events for fewer than 100 attendees can get away with 200 square feet or so. Your event planner or venue contact should definitely be knowledgeable in these types of logistics and are always happy to help you. 

We play quite a few events where there are space constraints, but often there is a workaround. For example, many venues will set up guest tables for dinner, and then have a few removed afterwards to make room for a dance floor. Thumpin’ also performs as a “stripped down” outfit of six players, with Jerry and Joy on vocals, plus guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards. It’s a smaller overall footprint, but the same great dance songs for your guests. Drop us a line and let us know how we can help you make the most of your party. 

To check out a great use of space for a large crowd, dig this video shot by our friend Connor McCallum at the Denver Public Library’s Book Lovers’ Ball (use the password “thumpin”). This event draws roughly 400 guests per year. It’s one of our favorite events to play, and they definitely make the most of their space in the library rotunda.